2 Tips On How You Can Create A Daily Exercise Habit For Life, Not Just For Summer.

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February 6, 2019

Fearless Activewear Mum Beach Walk

We had our fun on Christmas holidays.
We set a few goals on New Years Day.
We might have given things a good crack in January.
But now January has ended and February is well and truly here….. who’s still on track with those health and fitness goals? Who’s still to make a ‘proper’ start with them?

Don’t panic if you’re feeling a little lost, unmotivated, stuck or haven’t really ‘started’.
You’re not alone!

It’s pretty well known in the health and fitness industry that people plan to get started in January… but don’t actually make a ‘proper’ start until February.

January is the month of dreaming.
February is the month of doing.

Which is why we were pumped to team up with Fearless Activewear as part of their FAB FEB campaign…. because we’re sensing a little pep talk is needed right about now.

Here’s two quick questions to ask yourself before you go gung-ho into any fat blasting, calorie burning, body transforming exercise regime this year. Because the ultimate goal should be to create and sustain a daily exercise habit for life, not just for summer!

1. What do you classify as exercise?

Perhaps if you go by what we see on social media, a lot, you’d classify exercise as intense workouts, difficult movements, lifting heavy, box jumps, bicep curls, core burners, booty burners, kettlebell swings or impressive yoga flows?

To me, exercise is movement. And movement is exercise.

At the end of the day, yes, a 30 minute high intensity interval training session filled with box jumps and booty burners is different to a leisurely walk in the park…. but….. as far as exercise is concerned, walking daily is more than enough.

In other words, don’t think of exercise as something that always needs to be super intense, difficult, huff and puff, sweating up a storm, lifting heavy or sore muscles for daaaayyyyyssss.

Gentle incidental movement still counts!

Exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting, difficult, or challenging… it can be, if that’s what you enjoy, or need, but it can also be a gentle energy boost, a time to catch up with the girls, or an opportunity to get out in the fresh air.

If you’re always associating exercise with exhaustion, pain or discomfort then sooner or later you’ll start loosing motivation to do it!

Some weeks we just don’t have the energy for that kind of exercise. And thats ok. But, our bodies do still want to move, need to move, and looovvveee to move DAILY! 


2. Why do you exercise?

The goal of your exercise habits should not be purely focused on ‘losing weight, toning up, or getting fit’…. motivation to achieve these kinds of ‘body focused or outcome based’ goals only lasts so long. 

Perhaps you’re a (B)eautiful friend or partner who has set a goal to spend more time being tech free and more mindful in the presence of your nearest and dearest?

Perhaps you’re an (U)nstoppable Mumma who wants to be a good role model for, and get active with, your kids?

Perhaps you’re a (F)earless #bossbabe who needs energy to chase those big dreams of yours?

Give a little more consideration to your why. Are you exercising for…

  • … that energy boost so your brain is firing during the day.
  • … fun and connection with friends or family.
  • …. the fresh air and sunshine to help you relax and refresh a tired body.
  • …. the stress release after a big day with a screaming toddler.
  • …. the alone time, to switch off, and help rest and reset your busy brain.


Embracing all forms of movement as exercise, and linking your exercise goals to your life goals, can help you create a POSITIVE MOVEMENT CULTURE that becomes a part of how you live your life…. everyday… all year round… not just in January, and not just for Summer.





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