Your Number One Priority In 2019

Be kind to yourself

January 2, 2019

OMG can I introduce you to an absolutely gorgeous soul I met last year? Her name is Darielle and we met on instagram, as you do these days. After many virtual likes, comments and messages we finally managed to tee up a time to get together… in real life! hehehe.

Darielle is unbelievably passionate about empowering individuals. She’s so incredibly enthusiastic I actually didn’t need to finish my coffee, I got a nice little energy boost just talking to her. One of her fav quotes (which I absolutely love and hence knew she’d be excited to join us at BEND BUBBLES & BESTIES on January 13th at The Little Zen Den in Morley): All these years of education, yet no one teaches us how to be kind to ourselves and why it’s so important!”

Here’s a few words from Darielle about how being kind to yourself should be your number one priority in 2019!


If you have one major goal for 2019…above business, productivity, and every other external achievement…should it be: to be kind to yourself?

As the gorgeous Natalie McGrath mentioned in the last blog, it is becoming more and more common to have such high expectations for ourselves. Having goals and being motivated are both beautiful qualities, however can become quite problematic when we are not able to recognise when we need a break, or even how we can make the time to take care of ourselves.

As a Life Coach the most common response from my clients when asked how they incorporate self-care into their lives is: “I don’t have the time”. This is so normal for people to think that they do not have time to care for themselves due to others and other commitments taking priority. All society needs is a “mind-shift”. We need to understand that the most important thing in our lives is ourselves. Other priorities like our careers, our loved ones, our life goals…these are important, but are not going to be thriving unless we are physically and mentally in a good space.

My Favourite Four Ways to Be Kind to Myself: (keep in mind these techniques may work for some and not for others…you gotta find out what works for you)

  1. SWITCH OFF: Take a break from stimulation and always being connected to others. This could mean going for a walk outside somewhere without your phone, meditating, or just generally taking time for yourself without scrolling through social media or relying on others to keep you occupied. Trust me, the more time you spend by yourself, the more you get to know yourself and understand what it is that you want/need.
  2. OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Go Outside! There is something about being outside in nature that helps to not only clear your mind, but helps with any clarity you may need in regards to big decisions or challenges you are facing. My favourite outdoor adventures include finding new hiking spots, heading to the beach, heading to any big body of water really and just walking through some of Perth’s most beautiful parks (Hyde Park is Probably my Favourite).
  3. SOLO DATES: Take yourself out! Solo dates are probably the most liberating, self-esteem boosting activity you can do on your own! My favourite solo dates are taking myself to the movies, on coffee/smoothie dates and even the odd dinner or drink date. There is something about so comforting about knowing your u do not need to rely on others to do these “social” types of activities. This will not only help you to feel more confident and like you can accomplish so much more, but it helps you to build a lovely little relationship with yourself.
  4. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUNSHINE: As much as spending time with yourself is so important, it is just as important that the people that you do spend your time with are good for your health. The people you are surrounded by should add value to your life, they should support you, celebrate your wins and be there for you through your challenges. I am in no way saying that everyone around you needs to be perfect, however if they don’t make you feel good about yourself a majority of the time, perhaps spending less time with them could be better for your mental health!

This year, why not focus on finding what it is that makes your soul happy and schedule that in as your number one priority!


Darielle Asch || Life Coach & Wellness Programs

the_wanderlust_age_47584077_2122869364432005_2787021327539543611_n.jpgDarielle has a Bachelor of Psychology, is a Behavior Consultant, Life Coach, Self-Love Activist, and founder of The Wanderlust Age. She works with young children, teenagers and adults and strongly believes in the importance of taking a Preventative Approach to Mental Health Care. Through the Wanderlust Age Darielle aims to create a support system that empowers, encourages, inspires and acknowledges individuals in all  their beautiful diversity.


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