Thrive rather than survive

Do you want to thrive instead of merely survive?

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Perth Naturopath Natalie McGrath. With similar philosophies (and a shared love of) health and wellness our catch up over a green smoothie quickly turned into us excitedly planning a collaboration event to kick off 2019 (Check out Bend, Bubbles & Besties!)

Both of us work with women who wear many hats, juggle many roles, and want to chase big goals. So we thought an intimate event providing a little self care mixed with teaching a few strategies on how to thrive, rather than merely survive, was a great way to ring in the year!

Here’s a few words from Natalie about stress, surviving, self care and thriving.


We are getting to that time of year where we reflect on the past year and start planning and setting goals for the year to come.

Setting goals is important. Most successful people do actually implement techniques to get focused and organised for the year to come. But what about we also schedule time for self-love and self-care. Input some balance into all the craziness of modern-day life.

The roles of women have changed over the years and our busyness is growing exponentially as we fit more and more into our lives. A contributing factor to this busyness is that we have fought so hard for equal rights (still a way to go there). We have gained so much, but we really haven’t given up anything. Majority of women have their careers but are still looking after the kids, managing the home, looking after elderly relatives and the list goes on. Yes, our partners and husbands have taken up some of the slack but really there’s a way to go there too.

Our lives are full to the brim and have we reached our limit? I believe some of us have because the cracks are starting to form, and in some cases, it’s been catastrophic to our health. We need to stop and have a hard look at how we are living our lives.

More and more I am seeing the effects of modern life in clinic and here are some statistics to back up my observations:

  • Woman are at greater risk of depression than men
  • 1 in 3 Women will experience anxiety sometime in their life.
  • A recent study found that 1 in 4 women aged 45 to 59 take anti-depressants.
  • Another study found 1 in 4 women between 45 and 64 now experience some form of mental disorder- an increase of 20% in the last 15 years.
  • Middle aged woman trying to juggle careers, children and elderly relatives are suffering depression and anxiety more than any other social group.
  • Women experience insomnia more than men and in some age groups 35% of woman experience some sort of sleep issues.

Its not just mental health that I’m seeing increasing rates in, I’m also witnessing staggering rates of infertility, post-natal depression, thyroid and adrenal issues, auto immune conditions, depilating hormonal issues and horrible transitions into menopause.

So, what do I think is the underlying issue here? Well there are a few but the number one issue with modern life is Stress.

We are under constant stress all the time just with all our busyness. Then there is added stress with traffic jams, time limits, financial struggles, family issues, social media, no down time and the lack of real connection just to name a few.

Interestingly brain scans of Vietnam vets had similar results to stressed out woman. So, this compounding effect of everyday stress has a similar effect to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The proof is out there that we can’t continue to run ourselves into the ground. While we are focusing on our goals for the following year. Let’s implement some self-care strategies. When you live a life in balance and are thriving instead of just surviving watch how every other aspect of your life improves. And guess what, makes all those other goals so much easier to achieve.

So who’s putting themselves first in the year to come and becoming a thriver not just a surviver?

Natalie McGrath || Perth Naturopath

Natalie is a highly qualified naturopath with over 13 years clinic experience. She lectures at the Endeavour Naturopathic College and has worked in evidence based natural medicine, where she was a consultant and educator to Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Integrated Doctors. Natalie believes you can take steps towards improving your health, so you can have the energy and vitality you deserve.  Her philosophy of care centres on time, compassion, expertise and research. She know’s that the most valuable things she can offer you is the time to listen to your concerns; compassion in understanding how poor health affects you; and expertise in developing a personalise wellness plan that is based on latest research in the naturopathic field.

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