Motivation Is A Rollercoaster – Lets Ride!

May 16, 2017

I think I’m safe to assume that at some point (more like multiple points) in your life you’ve ‘struggled’ to find the motivation you wanted, or have felt unmotivated to do the thing(s) you needed. It’s probably then no surprise to read that it’s really NOT possible to feel motivated 100% of the time. Just like happiness, joy, sadness, or frustration… motivation is an emotion. It ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes.

When life is busy, you’re tired or sick, kids are sick, partner is away, social calendar jam packed etc etc etc –  these are typically the times motivation WILL feel low! Buuuttttt I can almost guarantee, these are also most likely the times your body and mind NEED movement!

Learning to ride the motivation rollercoaster can be a serious game changer. No more waiting around getting disheartened or frustrated when motivation doesn’t come knocking at your door or dragging you out of bed.

So what’s the trick to enjoying the rollercoaster motivation ride?


1. Understand how it works…. or doesn’t work

  • If you’re relying on motivation to strike to get started, or you think motivation will always be there to keep you going… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s NOT how it works.

  • Motivation can happen when your dopamine spikes because you anticipate something important, satisfying or rewarding is about to happen.

  • We often get a boost of motivation through something that inspires/satisfies us (ie. a movie, song, person, event, result), but this wears off over time

  • Motivation isn’t just about increasing dopamine — its also about diligence, determination and perseverance – in other words, EFFORT / ACTION are important parts of the motivation equation (ie. we can ‘boost’ our motivation by taking SMALL ACTION steps)

  • Feeling unmotivated to exercise can often be attributed to: lack of quality sleep, lack of sufficient nutrition or stress related fatigue


2. Build better systems so you don’t have to rely on it!

  • Systems that help you get up in the cooler darker mornings
  • Systems that help you move your body during the most hectic weeks
  • Systems that help you fuel your body well
  • Systems that help you get good quality sleep


Understanding more about motivation and helping you build better systems so you don’t have to rely on motivation are two things we explore more in our 8 WEEK CHALLENGE!


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