Say Yes Fitness

Female focused family friendly training community in Bayswater.

We help busy women (especially Mums) create their own happy, healthy and adventurous life.

Group Workouts; Empowering Programs; KidZone

Prioritise Yourself

  • Do you struggle to prioritise your own health and fitness?
  • Do you want to feel stronger, fitter and more mobile?
  • Does your current low level of fitness put you off joining group workouts?
  • Do you have post natal, previous injury or menopausal issues that need consideration and support?
  • Do you need to be able to bring your child to workouts with you?
  • Do you prefer a holistic (body + mind + community) approach to your health?

Then, ‘Say Yes Fitness’ might just be what you’ve been looking for.

The Say Yes Way

We specialise in helping busy women (especially Mums) create their OWN happy, healthy and adventurous life by SAYING YES to:

  • Moving well and moving often
  • Nutrition that nourishes
  • Nurturing their relationship with health and self
  • Using technology to enhance health behaviours
  • Being real, not perfect
  • Being you, not them
  • Being stronger together

We’ll Help You

  • Gently start (or restart) your health and fitness journey.
  • Feel happy and strong
  • Feel connected to self and others
  • Be clear on what you need and confidence saying yes to yourself and your health
  • SAY YES to more of the good things in life you love, and to whatever adventure life throws your way
  • SAY YES to being a positive role model and giving to others because you’ve given to yourself first.

How Does ‘Say Yes Fitness’ Work?

Group Fitness Class Bayswater

Small Group Workouts

  • Functional, efficient and fun
  • Strength, cardio, mobility, boxing and more.
  • Catering to womens specific training needs (including pregnancy, post natal and menopause)

Our expert trainers offer modifications, technique adjustments and encourage you to go at a pace that suits your level, ability and goals.

Mums and bubs At Group Fitness Class Bayswater

Family Friendly

We have a family friendly training space and KidZone (at midmorning classes) to help reduce the barriers to busy Mammas exercising regularly.

We strongly believe in the power of ROLE MODELLING positive health behaviours to our littles and love that your little gets to see YOU and other women SAY YES to themselves and their health.

Busy Women Doing Fitness Challenge

Empowering Programs

Our KICKSTARTER and SQUAD training PROGRAMS utilise our signature SAY YES model of BODY, MIND and COMMUNITY to strengthen your ability and empower you to create your OWN happy, healthy and adventurous life.

What our members say…


“The greatest benefit I’ve gained is making regular exercise a part of my life. I love that it’s about making sustainable changes that have had lasting and positive effects on both my physical and mental well-being.”

- Carly


A wonderfully inclusive and supportive community! I love having my ‘me’ time at classes and being able to bring my child with me is a huge help. The trainers really do take extra care to coach you at your pace, back into fitness and is always supportive of helping you to do your best, whilst having fun!”

- Kim

How can I find out if ‘Say Yes Fitness’ is a good fit for me?

I’d love to help you SAY YES to yourself and your health. If you’d like to find out if SAY YES is a good fit for you, pop your details and questions below and I’ll get back to you!

Yes Girl – take the FIRST and SAY YES to your FIRST CLASS for FREE!


Houghton Park, Purley Street, Bayswater.

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